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Gauging the Fashion Industry in Digital World

The eighth session of DIGITALK, a monthly digital forum, was organized by TEC in Lahore at the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club on “Fashion and Technology”.

A panel discussion was moderated by Mr. Iftikhar Hussain VP Business and Strategy, TEC. He welcomed all speakers of the session and started interactive discussion with three guest speakers of the event.

Mr. Adam Dawood, Head, Yayvo.com shed light on the incorporation of technology to fashion. He shared that in August 2015, 54% of sales on Kaymu.pk was fashion related. He said that due to high engagement issues fashion related online sales have their own challenges which can be met through defining KPIs that enhances the customer experience. Moreover, he also discussed that there is a huge difference between conversing verbally with customer and explaining things through written communication. Mr. Adam said that we need to start defining e-commerce operationally in order to attract audiences significantly.

Mr. Ahmed Muzammil, Digital Transformation Consultant, Royal Tag said that there is a lot more than just e-commerce in fashion for technology. He emphasized on thinking out of the box and bringing in new ideas. He said that all attractive things that are now becoming future of world are the things that never happened before. Thus there is a dire need of encouraging people to integrate their innovative ideas and capability together in order to bring revolutionary changes in fashion world too. 

Mr. Ellie Jadoon, Manager Customer Services and E-commerce, Stoneage discussed that fashion brands that are capitalizing on e-commerce today will soon shift towards m-commerce. He said that malls culture that has created hype in our society will soon be dissolved and technology will emerge at its peak. He exemplified New York where there are now less malls that is due to their rapid shift towards technology. He also shared that there are brands in Pakistan like Elan, Sana Safinaz who don’t have many retail shops and almost most all of their sales occur through online shopping. He said that we need to address the problems regarding internet speed and capacity before creating business dependency on it. 

The crowd participated in the discussion actively. They not only asked questions but also added in the substantial information regarding fashion and technology. Audiences and speakers agreed that in order to bring technological changes to fashion there is a huge need of integrating the business milestones and offering best experience to customer. 

Concluding the session Mr. Zain Majid, CEO, TEC presented the souvenirs of appreciation to the speakers. He also thanked Happilac paints for their support in building the digital ecosystem.

Iznik Set To Launch “Chinon Vol. II” Collection on 27th February!

Iznik brings you its latest collection, Chinon Vol II, which is set to launch on 27th February, 2017. This collection consists of 10 embroidered luxury chiffon unstitched pieces which are truly fit for the Queens. Every ensemble combines elegance and splendor in a celebration of colors.

These affluent looks and luxurious clothes are a must have in the season of festivity when all you want to do is look your best and a class apart.

Iznik is a name that is synonymous with regal clothes that exude extravagance and magnificence. This season too, Iznik has crafted clothes that will give you a timeless appeal in the most stylish manner. 

Each outfit is three piece and requires the least preparation, priced at Rs. 6,650/-

This is your chance to select, wear and be the centre of attention for a classic head-to-toe look.

So grab your dresses from our collection featuring brilliance for giving your wardrobe a dose of glamour in this season.

Born Pretty Store Beauty Haul - II

Born Pretty Store (BPS) is one of the best-loved online store, and this is my third collaboration with them.

The Brand
Born Pretty Store is a colossal e-store, famous for its exceptional jewellery designs, cosmetics, and nail art items. In addition, they offer much more on their website e.g. Clothing, Toys, Stationery, Cell phone accessories, Home decoration pieces, Beauty products, and what not.

The Brand Claims
As they say - 'The original inspiration of the name born pretty store comes from proverb “each woman is born pretty”. Combining the aim of providing beauty items to the female, we incorporated it into the name “born pretty” store. Born Pretty Store is a store intended to provide each ordinary female, whoever they are, wherever they come from, with the latest fashion items of nail art, makeup and outfit, helping them find the best way to dress up, which ultimately push outside their potential beauty to the fullest.'

Inside the bubble wrapped envelope, the articles were packed with adequate amount of protective foam packing sheets.

Born Pretty Store Beauty Haul

Overall Exposure
This is my mixed haul of beauty related stuff from Born Pretty Store. Until you guys wait for my detailed reviews and more photos about these products, here is a short preview about my haul.

Puff Brushes
This 3 piece Puff Brushes Set is so darling. It hooked my eyes at first glance. The soft sponges looks good for blending concealers, foundations, and compact powders. I really can't wait to try them out. (Infact I tried once before taking photos).

Puff Brushes Set

Eyebrow Pen
I have used a lot of eye pencils until now, but never get the one upto my satisfaction level. This Eyebrow Pen with chic packaging seems agreeable, as the tip of the pen is not pointed, and easy for filling the brows.

Eyebrow Pen

Moisturising Gel Socks
As winters have arrived, and my feet have started cracking already, this pair of Silicon Heel Socks just arrived in time. They are framed with moisturising gel to avoid cracks, and keep your heels hydrated. The best part about these socks is they are washable and reusable. I hope I'll enjoy winters with soft and smooth heels this time.

Silicon Heel Socks

More Information
Official Website: www.bornprettystore.com
Facebook Fan Page: Born Pretty Store

10% Discount Code
Our readers can avail a special discount while shopping at Born Pretty Store. You can use our 10% off Coupon Code MWAT10 and get discount on your shopping each time. It is valid at any time for any product (except the discounted items) on Born Pretty Store's website.

Walk In Vogue's Coupon Code

Which product do you like most? And which one you want me to review first?

Advantages & Disadvantages Of E-Commerce

These days, we all prefer Online Shopping, as it is much convenient and provides us multiple options to choose from a number of online shops. Shopping over the Internet is a form of E-Commerce, and it is briskly expanding. E-Commerce or electronic commerce is the process of purchasing and vending commodities and amenities via an electronic medium, i.e. Internet.

Image Source: Google

Let's discuss some important E-Commerce Pros & Cons from a customer's point of view, that must be considered while virtually shopping.

Advantages Of E-Commerce
- You can do hassle free and time saving e-shopping.
- You can surf for your desired products or services effortlessly.
- You can place an order quickly and get fast delivery.
- Virtual stores have extended range of items in stock.
- You can check price comparison over different websites.
- You can purchase anytime, and anywhere, without any time and geographical constraint.
- Tracking information issued by the seller, enables you to track your package's whereabouts.
- Electronic payment options serves you secure and safe transactions.
- Rural areas can now access the easy procedure for money transactions.

Disadvantages Of E-Commerce
- There is no money back guarantee.
- Product's quality may not be ensured just by looking at the photos.
- You cannot bargain for a product, or negotiate with the seller.
- Fraudulent e-stores and sellers may cheat you.
- Your orders can be delayed and may not reach on time.
- Your package may got lost during shipping from remote territories.
- It is a risk to shop for something whose reviews are not already furnished.
- Merchants use customers personal information, and send them marketing emails.
- If the seller and buyer have different locations, it can lead to hefty taxation and delivery charges.

Hope you find this post useful and informative. Keep these points in your mind, and stay safe!

A Tour To Apparel Candy

The Brand
Apparel Candy is an online store and wholesale distributors. They vend a broad collection of trendy stuff, and have several departments for this purpose.

Apparel Candy Clothing

The Brand Claims
As they say - ''If you are looking for a wide selection of off price clothing online at below wholesale prices and great quality, you're at the right site. ApparelCandy.com always has a great amount of off price apparel and wholesale clothing for our customers to shop from our virtual apparel showroom and save tremendously. Our site always has the most update to fashion apparel to cover your needs and remain in style. Whether you are looking for wholesale jeans, missies, wholesale junior clothing, wholesale plus sizes, always keep in mind that ApparelCandy.com is always buying large quantities of goods tailoring all the different women categories which exist. We stand by our fashion and customer service always ensuring that our customers are our top priority.''

Apparel Candy Bags

They are dealing with multitudinous departments at the same time, including all sorts of ladies apparel, men and women sunglasses and reading glasses, keychains and fanciable jewellery accessories, comprehensive range of cosmetics, delightful ladies and gents fragrances, various shoe styles, chic handbags, and also there is a separate wholesales department.

Apparel Candy Sunglasses

- Wholesale Apparel
The apparel department of this e-store has the best wholesale clothing. They have a miscellaneous compilation of stylish and high quality apparels covering tops, dresses, jumpers, skirts, sweaters, jackets, pants and jeans of every size. They also offer assorted packages for dresses and tops. So you can buy 6 pieces at the wholesale price.

Apparel Candy Graphic Tees

- Wholesale Perfumes & Cologne
Apparel Candy serves the nice variety of best wholesale perfumes. They have floral, spice, citrus, sweet, strong, and other fragrances. You can also find your favorite designer perfume replicas, which are in public demand. The inspired scents involves Yves Saint Laurents Manifesto, Michael Kors Glam Jasmine, Katy Perry Killer Queen, Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy, Gucci for Mens Gucci, etc.

Apparel Candy Fragrances

Key Services
- Offers amazing deals.
- Offers low prices.
- International shipping.
- Authorized returns can be refunded.
- Offers a discount code for just one time use.
Credit/Debit cards and PayPal payment choices are available.

They have the largest online wholesale inventories and the best possible affordable rates. In addition, they often offer discount deals and provide coupon codes.

I suggest you to check across the board variety of everyday fashion needs at Apparel Candy and shop your dreamed items at the best prices.

More Information
Official Website: www.apparelcandy.com
Twitter: @ApparelCandy
Instagram: @apparelcandy
Google Plus: @Apparel Candy
Pinterest: ApparelCandy.com

Visit Apparel Candy and utilize the wholesale advantages right now!

Digital Printed Kurtis Design 2016

Pakistani traditions and rich culture has an influential impact on every Pakistani festive and event. Pakistani Clothes including the formal luxury, semi formal, formal, bridal, evening couture, night party wear, casual, or other form, has the foremost ethnic wear in the international fashion market. We have the most talented and competitive internationally acclaimed designers in our fashion industry.

Formal Party Wear

Digital textile design is an advanced technique, and is different from screen printing and panel printing on clothes. Basically, it is an experiment of futuristic compositions with smashing colors on objects. Digital printing on clothes is a blend of technology and art. Eventually, the digital design trend on attires, stoles, bags, wallets, shoes, cushions, bed covers etc. has become a fashion statement of urban lifestyle. The design and printing process includes numerous applications. The designs or photos are scanned and generated in a graphic design software application, and then uprooted on to the fabric.

Digital Printed Kurti

Digital or graphical prints on fabric are considerably exalted among women these days. Personally, I like digital printed Ladies Kurtis whether the fabric is silk, linen, or cotton, as they can be worn in every season like summer, winter, rainy, or spring. Digitally designed shirts come with a variety of ideas, e.g. floral, branches, leaves, peacocks, birds, historical buildings, architectures, and even village and jungle sequences. In addition to this, a diversity of labyrinthine patterns or symbolic illustrations are also available.

Digitally Printed Shirt

Among shirts and tunics, Ladies Tops paired with jeans or trousers have proved customarily comfy for today's women. Specially, the college attending girls and working ladies have adopted this as their regular or casual wear. I have already posted some tips on Women’s Tops Buying Guide for your assistance.

Ladies Tops

Do you adore wearing digitally printed shirts with pants? Share your views.